“The new album from…” appeared from the idea of posting ads from 90s magazines I had bought as research material for my other blog. However, as WordPress was featuring a new theme designed for photoblogging, offered a lot more space, and  I really felt that my blog was being completely dominated by music, I thought of opening a parallel blog and instead of just aiming for a portuguese audience, put the few written bits in English.

As those familiar with the mags (particularly Select), they are slightly larger than the usual A4 page, so the scans might not be as perfect as I’d want, but I’ll do my best to upload only acceptable scans.

The material is taken from the following mags:


  • January 1994
  • April 1994
  • August 1994
  • October 1995
  • November 1995
  • January 1996
  • August 1996
  • November 1996
  • May 1997
  • June 1997
  • November 1997
  • July 1998
  • May 1999
  • February 2000
  • April 2000


  • June 1992
  • April 1993
  • March 1994
  • May 1994

If you remember any particular album, single or festival that might have advertised  in those issues and you’d like to see featured, drop me a comment here and I’ll be happy to check it out. Same goes if you have something I might be interested in.

If you run a fansite/blog/anything else and use any of the images provided in this blog, please link back to this blog in the best way you see fit: the main page, the posts containing the images or the artist tag in this blog (https://newalbum.wordpress.com/tag/artist-name). All images are untagged, so please other than resizing don’t make additional edits like watermarks and the like.


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